понедељак, 30. јануар 2012.

Intergrate/Esteblish in Higher Consciouness Global Energy Grid

Crystal Line Global Energy Grid of highly Aware,Awaken people spread from heart to heart in the meditation for peace and prosperity! Our minds are merged in one mind, we want a reality based on mutual love and cooperation! We want reality based on valid information! We want cooperation, not competition! We are aware that there are no enemies outside of us and that's our only enemy is fear, which stems from the lack of valid information! We live in a timeless now moment. We live in a multidimensional reality. We are not vulnerable, we stand in thuth strong and compassionate. We are creative prime creators, our thoughts manifest quickly, creating beautiful places and interesting events. We are grateful for everything. We are in love with everything that surrounds us. We see ahead, we see thrugh past,thrugh all of our's incarnations and the beginning of biological life creation,the starting point of the material universe creation. We are talking with thoughts telepathically with the same sweat ecstasy sensation united into One. We are healers and teachers,we are advanced students who are learning more and more interesting lessons. We learn to dematerialize and materialize at the moment. We are reaching the capacity of understanding of all languages. We remember everything, but none of this affects us. We working from the empty mind center, the blanks filld with energy potential, we can indefinitely hold one thought. We spread thrugh multidimensional worlds with our spiritual teachers, or our eteric brother,with angels. We go to Egzasomatoza (Astral Projection), healing and learning to perceive multi-layer comunication, to dissolve within all and become pure love esensse and hayper-awarness. We are Awaken Teachers,we are the One,same with All,we are mirros to each other eternal souls.With our LovingOneness Determinetion  we are Starting New Creation. Born from HomeHeart Spells Celebration,Naw Spreding thrugh Enegy Grid in Pure LoveLightVibration.

 ♥ OrbisErihtru(GogaVujcinPavlicic) ♥
 Od: Goga Vujcin Pavlicic    .