LightVibration ManeStream Manifestation

~LightVibration ManeStream Manifestation~

LightVibration is the primary impulse of Creation. LightVibration is the essence of existence, which highlights from the “0″ zero-point collection, from the Black Holes. We can observe Black Holes in the Material Universe,but they have Multi~Dimensional Existence. Within our body is the Genesis Mane Stream Core a place called the Central Star,the Black Hole placed in the body two fingers above the navel. The Light-Vibration stand out from the Black Hole Essence keeping the whole MultiVerse emergent together. Light is manifested as clarity of Thought. Vibration streaming through us as a Sensation. Supervising the flow of Thoughts we Control our Feelings. Therefore we say that the Thought Creating a Feeling. Within ourselves are creating everything we want to see in the external world. Imagination is directly connected with an intuitive channel,or the central energy  Hara-Line flow. Imagination is the place to create innovation. Through the vision we receive pictures of the past or future in the now moment. Means the Imagination is a place of autonomous Creation. Logical mind is only an assistant in the process of creating, comparing previous situations and conditions the new possibilities. Without the vision and imagination is not possible to materialize innovation!  

Within the logical mind(the third chakras) is subconscious, which blocks  intuitive channel,or the Hara-Line energy flow. This is an obstacle blocking the LightVibration to consciously express in the vision and imagination, to create inside and materialize out. Restrictions subconscious fears and prejudices need to transform through valid information. Mass illusion of negative beliefs originated from ignorance, from lack of valid information with which they derived assumptions proclaimed as truth! Many generations have been Brought up by the system of complete disinformation. New era of rapid discoveries and the flow of valid information has created the possibility for anticipated collective transformation of consciousness. The enormous energy-power light-vibration flows through the multidimensional existence. The entire phenomenal creation is compelled to reflect the belief systems, thought through-sense of this huge unstoppable force of energy. This is not an easy task. Everyone who is able to adhere tenderly and in harmony with the rapid positive changes , to translate their negative beliefs into positive will enter into a new era of prosperity and global cooperation. Hyper-Aware Humans are merging in One Consciousness to Create in Eternal Now moment Glowing Glittering 5D Reality. Everyone is Welcome and Necessary-Wonted.

OrbisErihtru(Goga Vujcin Pavlicic) 


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