You and me,We are One Traveling at Speed of Love in to a Future

You and me,We are One 
~Traveling at Speed of Love in to a Future~
You and Me, We are making the Collective Reality!The positive holographic imprint has begun to break the illusion of separation, don’t allow doubt and prejudice mold your mental images. Forget the fear.. it will only exist if you fuel it!

Melt your unique potential with me! Joy and unconditional love we shine the way, transform the global consciousness and brings a new age of prosperity and cooperation! In your mind you hear the same words, in your heart liquid lava love eruption changing the Human reality perception!

Stoke kindred embers and unite with like minds to map the Global Energy Grid.You and me,WE are IT, this World is ours, we’ve already won, Awaken yourself to that reality! Choose your own Life adventure, visualize in a pattern of the sweet future! Your thought create sensation, it become your reality! Each second is a new and unique moment  make  your action traveling at the speed of love in to a future!
Etheric Teachers through ~ OrbisErihtru ~


~You and Me,We are ONE,Traveling at Speed of Love in to a Future~


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