Supported and Maintaind Phenomenal World – The Black Hole LifeForcePoint

Supported and Maintaind Phenomenal World – The Black Hole  LifeForcePoint

Black holes are the uterus, the mother of all life. They are the starting point of aim. The black hole vibration energy-consciousness arises from involuntary impulse, giving support to the whole life, reviving and maintaining the entire phenomenal multiverse world. When the star are at the that time of returns home, she enters the black hole that would be strengthened and re-birth of the black velvet void, keeping and spreading on through that pulsating energy fields out. When asleep we also enter into a place that is called “Central Star” (2 fingers above the navel) inside our own black hole, restoring our energy, healed emerge in the manifest world, fired oust with involuntary impulse. Our own natural impulse to collect and spread (the state of sleep and wakefulness) is precisely the identical entry star into a black hole, from which it is dependent on energy,or LightVibration Essence.

Within the center of each galaxy is keeping all the wonderful and amazing black hole dynamo of life. Its essential meaning is completely misinterpreted in the minds of dualism (where everything is interpreted by fear and where the star is a remarkable fusion of devouring stars, and entering the black hole is certain death) hence the fact it is that a black hole are supported and maintained phenomenal world, material universe and all the other dimensions of existence. Their amazing power, their willingness to cures and maintained, to support and pervasive and in order to grant extensive energy food for the multi~dimensional manifestation of life. Black Hole are the vortices of love essence and hyper-awareness that is issuing from a single point and fulfilling whole creation. The force that supports the multiverse highlights from black hole. They generate all-pervasive field of gravity. They are regenerative point from which everything comes out the connection, healed and ready to participate in creating a new manifestation of the multidimensional world.     

~OrbisErihtru~ (Goga Vujcin Pavlicic)   

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