Your perception driven by beliefs create your reality

Your Perception Driven by Beliefs Create your Reality
Everything around you is an illusion, nothing more than a manifestation of energy, or a specific range of LightVibration. Matter is a form of energy Efflorescence. Your perception driven by beliefs defines events, lessons that you set for yourself. Nothing within the third dimension is  clearly defined, determined, nothing is really true, If  does not install  by your subjective perception! Your perception driven by beliefs create your reality!

All you are able to imagine, or all in what you’re able to believe it is possible to achieve! You are an omnipotent, almighty being, your choices are not limited! Instead to specified the future by the past events, allow yourself a new non conditional events, allow imagination and vision to be your collaborators in creation of life! Inside the eternal Now moment Generate through unconditioned love new experiences!

Through the action in the outside world you can not alter anything! But the internal modifications of beliefs to an absolute positive, really do drastic changes in the outside world!

Thoughts and beliefs are energy that you move consciously or unconsciously toward materialization!  Be the master of your thoughts! Create new beliefs through valid information and put them in the place of outdated misinformation!


All that is within you is reflected outside! Enjoy the possibilities that are available to you! Outside of you perfectly suited world of illusion offers countless opportunities!
Align it with your desire! Harmonize it with your passionate spirit!  Play the joyful and carefree not regard the external circumstances!

Set the ultimate example of a happy life, a role model to other people! Contribute everything that surrounds you by maximum love degree!  Turn your precious  dreams into reality!

OrbisErihtru(Goga Vujcin Pavlicic)

Inside the Eternal Now Moment Generate through Unconditional Love New, Unlimited Experiences!

Author,Writer ~OrbisErihtru(Goga Vujcin Pavlicic) With Etheric Teachers/Brothers/Angels

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