среда, 08. јун 2011.

Awakening Consciouness

After waking consciousness will start to perceive the new etheric dimensions that meet your emergent .Percive more detailed,you will be more aware of what has always been with you,but you have not noticed.Your thoughts will be all the quicker to materialize, because you have moved the center of your attention with fear(eternally lost for the past to the future)to love and eternal reality of the moment Now. You'll be like a magnet with all the greater force of attraction.The clarity of the awakened, harmonious balance and inner peace to violently or subtly doing necessary,in compliance with a unique source of all life. Old World illusion of fear is slowly disappearing. For you it is already gone.You are entering the miraculous multilayered world filled with possibilities, electricity which embody in front of you.You are the power source itself. And everything is possible.   OrbisErihtru LightWorkers EtrelKhrista

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