уторак, 28. јун 2011.

Enter the New Multidimensional Reality with Positive Thought-Pattern


The Cristal Grid is the living energy matrix of Multidimensinal reality existence. Mother Earth with our spiritual teacher (Etheric,or Angelic brothers) rise consciousness and open to us the doorways, an open sight, veiv to other dimensions and realities of existence. The power of the sacred geometry within you (and out in expansion) is the key that your subconscious need to unlock. subconscious channel must be without fear implanted impact , you must erase fears with Love-Thought, Love-Action. You ar a Researcher , LightWorker with ability to explore and maneuver through other worlds in Now moment and bring information back from multidimensional reality Now (in split second). You may work equally with multidimensional beings and heal, restore, make beauty, creating new technology, enter and enable New teachings or lesson, impact overall progression. In Egzasomatoza (Astral Projections), or during  meditation, or while you are completely conscious and alert, you can trawel in to time-space, to acasic records, or in potential future (watch, observe, feel, experience, collect all information in micro-second, or participate in the live play, more real than 3D reality) . Key of UnconditionalLove within are state that only you can retrieve and reclame. Control the flow of your thoughts. Exercise oversight your own thoughts can be achieved with a mantra, or auto-suggestive thought pattern. So, you will reclame, recapture pure essential overall awareness, almighty I am, with loudly proclamations (or MANTRAS): I with my own free will choose a state of love! I, the ego human deliberately choose love, it is my free will to exist in the Now moment! My will is to be a happy, progressive and in prosperity. I know that I am the eternal soul in path of creating, healing mission and I know that I am One With All That Lives. I declare any form beautiful and perfect! I want to learn and advance quickly. I don't take anything personally, (I now that other people are learning their lesson to and align behavior with their fillings). I thrust my self and make responsible choices, make them from a LovePoint. I attract abundance. I allow myself every wish fulfillment.  I want to unlock the Multiverse and once again I will see multidimensional reality, composed of the Love-Hyper-Awareness Essences. I realize Love is the answer to all I seek. I will delight in Wonders of  Beautiful Multidimensional reality with my Etheric teachers/brothers.  Love is my only wish. Now, I will be in LovingOneness Spells and first in actions to Healing, Teaching, to Peaceful Powerful solution, in act Mass Awakening and fully All-Awaken Consciousness .I em in all and all is in me.. 
~OrbisErihtru(Goga Vujcin Pavlicic)~

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